Today is the first day after the full cycle of time apart equal to the time We, You & I, were together.

Today is the birth of a new day. Yes, I imagine after our Cupid-inflected love we had conceived that beginning to birth together.

Maybe even in the Advent flesh and blood, The Boy of whom we both dreamed and uttered aloud.
I can still at times see your written words, feel the shock and awe, wonder at the why of what I chose that led to destruction instead of creation, on what I might have spoken to tease out Truth, ease in soothe, raise awareness and release pain.

Last night in the early a.m. hours I imagined you telling me You found what you want. I disagreed. But before it led to more conflict I asked ‘Is this what We want to keep doing?’ You and I sat silently. You faded away into the dark of night and the chirping crickets and croaking coquis. Love is, after all, Still Love.

Today is the Greatest Day.



Only the Beginning.


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