When Words are All We Have

Amor: I have been seeing such a powerful man lately. This powerful man is strong, intelligent, sensible, rational, happy, balanced, lively, full of energy…I am so happy for what I am seeing that my heart aches. In other words, I cannot get enough satisfaction to see you this way. Your face irradiates success. This is My Macho, Mi Alma, Mi Cielo. SHE TO HE 03.19.13


“Though miles may lie between us, we’re never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count the miles, it’s measured by the heart.” -Anonymous

I live now only in my words to You. The Real. The Imagined. The Present. The Past. One-sided love letters you maybe discard unread. Old chats that ushered in Our Love, as I try to figure out how to live without you. But, when Joy is cultivated with such wonderfulness as is You, as became We, it is hard.

January 21

HE: It was a priceless, a memorable day, lots of fun with mi familia. Thanks, too, for your number. It only took me 23 yrs to get your number!!  You’re special, Amiga! Make it a Great Day! TQM 

SHE: Veintitres años no son nada. ummm, You are kind of funny…Why do you say I’m special?

January 21

HE: I just have a personal bias for you I guess but I think you are beautiful. Eyes, face, personality and soul. Special. Rare. Sympatica. xoxo

SHE: I like you.


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