Looking, Finding

I was looking for You.
I was off up in my head.
Trying to conjure Faith, Love & Hope.
The Usual, seeking to escape my dread.

Of another lonely day in a life w/o You.
So, I’d  arrived safely here to see at last
You are the One and only thing that is True.
When in the usual manner preparing my way
An unexpected other came along to brighten my day.

It was a kerfuffle kind of ruffle to my well-laid plans.

She a lovely runner’s stride and a body I suppose, too
Sneaking through a lighted way Me thought lit by You.
Her lycra-snugged proportions a bit hard to determine to sleepy eyes
But enough of a distraction in contours hip, derrier-deep and strong thighs.
To make Me a Believer ‘tween the intellect of the head
versus a cosmic sort of comeuppance that seemed suspiciously too well-bred.

No, not the Girl with the fabulous mane of auburn locks.
No, I speak of this grand moment now with sudden unwelcome stumbling blocks.
To be so forlorn and heady filled up with always looking for you
Only to find an awkward different, oh-so ironic here-n-now refreshing point of view.

In some ways makes perfect sense, it’s how the Universe flows.
And yet as I wrench my heartache by undeserving dogged leashes
Ashamed I could blame innocence for my misery and my woes
I reach down. They flinch. I see you in all our angry torrid speeches.

Indeed, it is true that one sour moment in and of itself does impose
On 1,000 joyous wonders a long shadow dark, morose.


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