Sunrise, Moonset

I can’t believe I forgot my camera! Ugh.

What a sight, what a simply marvelous sight to behold. Mother Moon still hovering whole and full in the western sky, headed to bed soon. You, bright and bountiful with the Sun – my Light and warmth – radiating over You.

My feet wading in the cool waters of my favorite beach, thinking about diving in, I self-consciously thought The Law is coming to get me. That B in the corner house surely will come clamoring You’re not supposed to have dogs on the beach, didn’t you read the sign? Sign, sign everywhere a sign. Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Can’t you read the sign? The beasts, hydrophobes, watched on from shore. From between my favorite house and the Tree that has watched over this place since long before You and I and will long after we depart, Here Comes the Sun. He rose up to shed splendor on Me, warm caress and soft touch. Enlightenment seeping in through My Mind seeking that place where Third Eye resides but which is often refracted, dispersed into nether places of my other eyes watching a racing brain. As I actively sought out that Place, It found me and I quieted within. Standing in the water and later again on the sand, I simply let the Light flow and realized I am the Sun, You are the Moon. You are the Words, I am the Tune.

Then, I see. I have the strength, the energy, the compassion, the flow as received from my Father Sun into Me. I am The Light, a medium through which He passes. I turn to face You, Mother Moon, Sister Love, Hembra Mia and pass these gifts on to You as You head into slumber. I wish for You, Mi Pajara, always and only good things. I tell You I Love You, So. You mean Everything to Me. I am neither the owner or the possessor of these words or awarenesses, merely the conduit and the medium:

Hope, promise, wisdom, compassion, peace and strength all for You. For Me. For We. Gratitude. Grattitude. Look at We, perfectly balanced in the single line across the Sky, Me rising in the East and You directly in the West. Balance. Perfection.

No camera could witness this like the Eye that has just now.


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