Harvest Moon

I was walking the dogs last night along a quiet trail. Folks were quietly bustling about in their homes, winding down for the evening. Each of the beasts roamed freely along the edges, sniffing brush and exploring backroads reminding me of Fajardo. As we turned a corner to put behind us the bright lights of street and homes, I saw You high above the treelines, Your glowing bright smile bathing Your tierra with Your White Healing Harvest Light.

I imagined a deck in a small hotelito, Fajardo’s rough landscape and rugged beauty a backdrop for our affair come to life.
Each of us enjoying the warmth under the blankets, a puff on the cigars you bought and holding hands. Coquis in the dark. We had spotted a couple in the trees carefully tracking them down in our amusement and wonder. That tree with the leaf – white and black – was so fascinating to me. Like You. Wonder and fascination to Me.

Tonight, the Moon rose over the Sea where I am from. Here, with the dogs visiting my folks, I dreamed of being by Your side showing You where I came from and more of why I am Who I am. I looked out to the Boston skyline and thought about our days together – apart back then, You unaware at how you made me catch my breath. And, to fall in love with the You of our middle-aged today not that dream girl makes You eve more special to Me.



“Harvest Moon”

Come a little bit closer
Hear what I have to say
Just like children sleepin’
We could dream this night away.

But there’s a full moon risin’
Let’s go dancin’ in the light
We know where the music’s playin’
Let’s go out and feel the night.

Because I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

When we were strangers
I watched you from afar
When we were lovers
I loved you with all my heart.

But now it’s gettin’ late
And the moon is climbin’ high
I want to celebrate
See it shinin’ in your eye.

Because I’m still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I’m still in love with you
On this harvest moon.



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