The Reawakening: Beginnings

So, you know how people are
When it’s all gone much too far
The way their minds are made
Still, there’s something you should know
That I could not let show
That fear of letting go

And in this moment, I need to be needed
With this darkness all around me, I like to be liked
In this emptiness and fear, I want to be wanted
‘Cause I love to be loved
I love to be loved [x2]
Yes, I love to be loved.

-Love to Be Loved

-Peter Gabriel


January 15, 2013

On some social media site:



Dear Amiga ,

I am so happy to stay connected with you throughout tHE years, minus a few  One of my lasting regrets is that I was so nervous around you from our freshman year, completamente sin abilidad de communicar con las mujeres, especialmente Las Mas Hermosas, como ni siquiera las amigas.

 I still have a card from graduation you and a few girls from PR wrote me but it was particularly your words that stay with me. I think you also initiated the card? Anyway, I have a picture of all of you. I’ll send that pic next time I come across it, maybe the card, too! For a moment you all made me feel special, like the center of a beautiful Harem and of theUniverse. Senior year – I made it !

Aunque with all respect to you and your Family:) I will always miss that I didn’t have a chance to call you my college sweetheart if even for a bit! Aye de Mi!

Te Quiero Mucho.

May All Your Dreams find You in 2013!

Siempre Tu Amigo


SHE: Hello, Amigo!! You are so sweet!


SHE: I don’t remember that card! I do remember that I had a blast during Senior week. More than 20 yrs!!! Last September I went to NY and met with the other girls. I don’t know if you remember them. That reunion came just in time, as a declaration of independence!! I am almost divorced. It has been been tough but I’m getting there…


HE: Siigh. All that beauty in one place! That is a reunion I definitely wish I could have been part of I remember all of you. You are all so special but you are particularly special to me, I think Mari and Vicki were in that picture. I’ll find the card and pic both. Surely it is difficult time but a growing time for you and your family so I hope all the best for you and glad you are making it through.

I just ended a ten-year relationship, amicably. I understand that liberation and regardless if it is a good or bad split I am happy for you to be doing what you need for you!

Seems 2013 is shaping up for ME and my friends to all stay on their path! Much Love, Success and Joy, ! I hope to stay in touch more often and see you sometime in there, here or somewhere in between!


SHE: Ten yrs is a long time! It seems that you are doing great with the change. For me the greatest challenge has been missing “the family concept”, which is kind of strong here. The good thing is that I have great friends! You are one of them!! I agree, let’s keep in touch.


HE: You and me both – family is everything as are the concepts on which we were born and raised. On a personal note, I wish now I didn’t know. Now, I’ll be daydreaming on a way to your sunny playas!


SHE: Well, come whenever you want.


HE: Okay! xoxo

January 20, 2013


SHE: You commented on OSJ Plaza! So you have been in PR????!!!


HE: Twice. Once before I met you and once with my gf from the last ten years. 2009. Totally chickened out of calling ahead :O)


SHE: This is the end of Christmas celebration: Sanse (St. Sebastian) like 40,000 last night. Did you party enough? At this point in life I’m in party mode. Today, I woke up early and went to the beach. Now hanging out in a Mexican rest in Isla Verde, while my daughter is in a seminar. I have an excuse. I’m waiting for her. What’s the name of the rest you liked?


HE: Si. Todo el mes para mi fiesta. This weekend I am near the ol’ homestead, my nephew’s postponed birthday dinner out. Football playoffs later.


SHE: I wanna go back!!!!!!


HE: When I can come up with a finalized job and digs. I’d love to come visit and party with you. Doesn’t have to be college-throwback. Just night life, dancing, drinks and great food with awesome  company xoxo p.s.You also are always welcome to come on up for a visit. We can road trip, stroll the campus or just hit the town.



Thanks for the disclosure. Sounds good! There is a seminar takes place there. I’d love to go for credits. It depends if i can get a discount.


HE: You are too beautiful. So happy I (still) know you!

Have a great Sunday of recuperation! xoxo 555.HeL.Oves


SHE: Enjoy your afternoon with your family. That’s priceless. 555.She.Love



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