10:10 A.M. EDT: Waiting on a Miracle

You were supposed to call when you arrived safely at work, like you do so often. Like you were supposed to particularly that day to pick up where we left off the evening before, too tired. You, over thinking migraine coming on. Me, sick and tired, on antibiotics like you knew when you chose to start up your sudden, incomprehensible and I say fear-induced ultimatum. We were Close. Deep. Real. You said it was a matter of respect, dignity and personal freedom – that neither of us was right or wrong. I say You started to fearfully head for the door knowing what We had found.

How many days has it been? I still think ‘today is the day she’ll call.’ There’s no body of proof you are dead. The hole you left in my Heart is bigger than any left behind in the footprints of an edifice razed. Spirits are undaunted. Love is undiminished. Pride unfurls.

If only You and I had spoken that morning and I could have heard what I needed to hear from You, told You what I needed to assure You my Heart was in the right place – Yours. But, we’ll never know. When will Peace win?

I’m still waiting on Your call.


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